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It is not official who the strongest guard is but, Most likely the strongest is Neferpitou, Reason: The king (With intent to kill) Slapped Neferpitou with his tail and she was barely hurt. Also when the king did this to (Without intent to kill) Shaiapouf and he got knocked back and barely injured. Since he was knocked back and Neferpitou only moved her head it must mean Neferpitou is stronger the Shaiapouf. Youpi's powers and strength is unknown but since he was last to be born he must be the second strongest also he is buff. Shaiapouf in my opinion is the weakest because he is very skinny and is a combination of a Butterfly,Human, and ant. Three very fragile things so he must be the weakest. The answer to your question is: Neferpitou

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