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Maha Zoldyck (マハ=ゾルディック, Maha Zorudikku) is the oldest assassin in the Zoldyck family and is Zeno's grandfather. He does not appear in the 2011 anime and has only appeared once so far in the manga.[2]

Contents[show] Appearance Maha's body seems to have deteriorated considerably due to his old age. He stands at 140 centimeters (about 4 ft 7 in), 10 centimeters shorter than Kalluto.

Background Almost nothing is known about him. He was later mentioned again by Zeno as having once fought Netero.[3]

According to the 2004 databook, Maha is Zeno's father. But in Chapter 264 of the series, it seems as though Togashi may have retconned him as Zeno's grandfather.

Plot Yorknew City arc Maha's only appearance is when he, along with his great-great grandsons Kalluto and Illumi, assassinated the Ten Dons under the request of Chrollo Lucilfer.[2]

Abilities & Powers Maha is the only known Enhancer in the Zoldyck family. It is unknown if his powers have waned, but, according to Zeno, Chairman Isaac Netero, once the strongest fighter in the world, was the only person who had ever survived battling with him. It can be inferred that he is incredibly powerful.[3]

Spoilers end here. Trivia Zoldyck family's correlation chart The Zoldyck family relationships diagram with Maha, as seen in the 2011 anime In the 2011 anime series, Maha does not appear during the Ten Dons assassination. In an episode, Maha is mentioned in during Zeno's narration of Netero's back story. The Zoldyck family relationships diagram appearing in Chapter 326 and Episode 141 (2011) includes Maha, with the mention "Basically untouched". This cameo is his sole (super-deformed) appearance in the 2011 anime, excluding a silhouette appearance with the other Zoldyck family members (with an unnamed grandmother) earlier in the same anime.


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